Delivering a project and presenting to a multi-level audience



Figure 1: “Encoding communication” by Luis Javier Rodriguez Lopez


Figure 2: 01-1-to-many by Maxwell Hoffmann

A presenter deliver information to an audience in a way that the audience understand and make the information personal. In figure 1 The idea of coding a message and having all that information transferred to another and decoded while keeping the intended information intact. To do this a large diverse audience like what I am doing is this blog can be a challenging task. There is the need of the presenter to want to know their audience so they can tune their conversation to maximize the message they want to get across to the audience. In most situation any presenter is only going to know a small portion of the knowledge the audience is going to bring to a presentation. This small amount of information is what the presenter is going to need to feed off of to get the communication flowing. I find with a good presentation it can help move people to accept a delivery of a project, in the paper “Delivering the Project in Technical Consulting” by James L. Hawley and John Frauenhoffer, the authors note at how a good delivery of a project need a team that can do problem solving(p.61). Problem solving is the main function of the team in the project the client has a problem that the team will need to fix. In presenting the presenter has to solve the problem of getting information across the the audience.  In the paper “Using narratives and storytelling to communicate science with nonexpert audiences” by Michael F. Dahlstorm, notes at using a storytelling elements as a way to involve the audience the conversation. I can see myself using some strategy like using metaphors in describing some abstract ideas in computer science to people not well versed in computer science. The one problem I do have to look out for when abstracting information is making sure that information still comes back into one piece to my audience. The Figure 2 show the idea of one to many, which in a sense is what abstracting information, taking a single point and expanding/generalizing the idea.


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One thought on “Delivering a project and presenting to a multi-level audience

  1. The quote “using narratives and storytelling to communicate science” sums up the idea perfectly. I think your post could use some more in-text citations, but overall you did a good job!


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